68 trays commercial industrial high quality rotary oven

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Multiple sizes available: The rotary oven is available in a variety of different sizes, you can choose the appropriate size according to your needs, and is suitable for kitchens or food processing places of different sizes and uses.

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68 trays commercial industrial high quality rotary oven


16 trays rotary oven, the ultimate baking solution for your culinary creations. Whether you’re a professional baker or an enthusiastic home cook, our rotary ovens are designed to take your baking experience to new heights.

So, what role does a rotary oven play in baking? The answer lies in its innovative design and advanced technology. Rotary ovens feature a rotating rack system that ensures consistent and even heat distribution throughout the baking process. This means your breads, pastries and other baked goods will be perfectly golden and delicious every time.

The oven’s precise temperature control and efficient convection system ensure your baked goods cook to perfection, with a crispy exterior and soft, moist interior. Whether you’re baking delicate croissants, hearty breads, or mouth-watering cakes, our rotary ovens will provide you with the perfect baking environment to achieve outstanding results.

1. The original introduction of Germany’s most mature two-in-one oven technology, lowenergy consumption.

2. Adopting German three-way air outlet design to ensure uniform baking temperature in the oven, strong penetrating power, uniform color of baking products and good taste.

3. A perfect combination of high quality stainless steel and the imported components toensure more stable quality and long service life.

4. The burner is using the Italy Baltur brand, low oil consumption and high performance.

5. Strong steam function.

6.There is a time limit alarm


Capacity Heating type Model no. External size(L*W*H) Weight Power supply
32 trays rotary rack oven Electric JY-100D 2000*1800*2200mm 1300kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
Gas JY-100R 2000*1800*2200mm 1300kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
Diesel JY-100C 2000*1800*2200mm 1300kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
64 trays rotary rack oven Electric JY-200D 2350*2650*2600mm 2000kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
Gas JY-200R 2350*2650*2600mm 2000kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
Diesel JY-200C 2350*2650*2600mm 2000kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
16 trays rotary rack oven Electric JY-50D 1530*1750*1950mm 1000kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
Gas JY-50R 1530*1750*1950mm 1000kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
Diesel JY-50C 1530*1750*1950mm 1000kg 380V-50/60Hz-3P
TIPS.:For the capacity,We also have 5,8,10,12,15,128 trays rotary oven.For the heating type,we also have the double heating type:electric and gas heating,diesel and gas heating,electric and diesel heating.

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In addition to excellent baking capabilities, our rotary ovens are designed for convenience and ease of use. The user-friendly control panel lets you set your desired temperature and baking time in just a few simple steps. The oven’s spacious interior accommodates multiple trays or racks, making it ideal for large batch baking or large batch production.

Made from high-quality materials and built to last, our rotary ovens are a valuable investment for any baking operation. Its durable construction and reliable performance ensure it will be a must-have in your kitchen for years to come.

Say goodbye to uneven baking and inconsistent results and welcome a new era of baking excellence with our rotary oven. Whether you’re a professional baker looking to streamline your production process or a home cook looking to improve your baking skills, our rotary ovens are perfect for turning your baking dreams into reality. Experience the difference our rotary ovens can make for your baking and take your creations to the next level.

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