90/120L electric food warmer thermos box 110/220v delivery pans/trays box

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The products adopt imported PE special rolling plastic raw materials and advanced rolling plastic process technology,which is formed in one time. It has the advantages of high structural strength,impact resistance,wrestling resistance,super airtight and durable;water-proof,rust proof and corrosion-resistant,suitable for use in harsh environment;UV proof,no fragmentation,long service life;easy to handle,etc.

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Power supply: This product uses 220V power supply, power 600W ceramic heating principle, with low power consumption, heating block, long service life and other characteristics;

Temperature control: under normal operation, the power supply opens for 15 minutes and the temperature in the box rises to 75 C. After opening for 8 hours, it stops working automatically. When it needs to restart, it can press the reset key to work normally.

Heat preservation performance: at room temperature in the stop working state, the average temperature in the box 2 hours naturally drop 1 degree Celsius.

Caution : empty box operation is strictly prohibited.

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