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Tray arranging machine could put trays automatically. It is efficient and could be used in the production line and save some time and labor.

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Shanghai Jingyao Encrusting Machine is a specialized equipment designed for pastry production, primarily used for the encrusting process of filled pastries.

Here are its main uses and features:



1.Filled pastry production: Shanghai Jingyao Encrusting Machine is used to create various types of filled pastries, such as soup dumplings, potstickers, wontons, radish cakes, etc. It automates the processes of mixing, kneading, forming dough skins, and encrusting fillings, significantly improving production efficiency.

2.Increased production efficiency: Compared to traditional manual encrusting methods, Shanghai Jingyao Encrusting Machine enables automated production, greatly enhancing efficiency. It can continuously produce large quantities of filled pastries, saving labor and time costs.

3.Improve production efficiency: Compared with traditional manual stuffing, Shanghai Jingyao stuffing machine can automate the production process and greatly improve production efficiency. It can continuously produce large batches of stuffed pastries, saving labor costs and time costs.






1.High performance and stability: Shanghai Jingyao Encrusting Machine is built with advanced technology and high-quality materials, delivering outstanding performance and stability. It can stably operate under high loads for extended periods, making it suitable for commercial production environments.

2.Multi-functional operation: The machine offers various molds and program settings that can be adjusted according to different pastry production needs. It is easy to operate, allowing flexible customization of parameters such as filling size, dough thickness, and filling quantity.

3.High hygiene standards: Shanghai Jingyao Encrusting Machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is easy to clean and sanitize, meeting food safety and hygiene standards. Additionally, its compact design helps reduce food residue accumulation.



In summary, Shanghai Jingyao Encrusting Machine is highly regarded in the pastry production industry for its efficiency, stability, and flexibility. Choosing this machine allows you to increase production efficiency, maintain consistent product quality, and meet hygiene standards, bringing greater commercial value and competitiveness to your pastry production business.

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