Fully equipped mobile food truck with full kitchen

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Water Cycle system: stainless steel double sinks with hot and cold water taps, a fresh water tank, a waste water tank, water pump

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Round model:

The round model,single axle, Width:160cm:
Model JY-FR220 JY-FR250 JY-FR280 JY-FR300B
Size L220xW210xH235cm,750kg. L250xW160xH235cm,600kg. L280xW160xH235cm,750kg. L300xW160 xH235cm,800kg.
The round model, single axle,Width:200cm:
size L220xW200xH235cm,550kg. L250xW200xH235cm,700kg. L280xW200xH235cm,850kg. L300xW200 xH235cm,900kg

Square model:

The square model,single axle:
Model JY-FS250 JY-FS280 JY-FS300
Size L220xW200xH235cm,750kg. L250xW200xH235cm,850kg. L300xW200 xH235cm,900kg.
The square model,dual axle
Model JY-FS300 JY-FS350 JY-FS380 JY-FS400
size L300xW200xH235cm,940kg. L350xW200xH235cm,940kg. L380xW200 xH235cm,960kg. L400xW200xH235cm,1200kg.

Air-stream model:

The air-stream model,single and dual axle
Model JY-BT300Rsingle axle JY-BT400Rdual axle JY-BT500Rdual axle JY-BT580Rdual axle
size L300xW200xH235cm,1000kg. L400xW200xH235cm,1500kg. L500xW200 xH235cm,2000kg. L580xW200 xH235cm,2200kg

The standard interior:

Water Cycle system: stainless steel double sinks with hot and cold water taps, a fresh water tank, a waste water tank, water pump;

Electric system: an electric box,LED light, 5 power sockets,2.5 square inner wire, 4 square bus;

Internal configuration: two stainless steel table tops, a shelf underneath,exhibition board,floor with drain,easy to clean up;


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1. Inner wall: Thick color steel plate/stainless steel, thick insulation layer;

2. Exterior wall: thick stainless stee/galvanized steell;

3. Countertop: Thick stainless steel;

4. Aisle:aluminum checkered plate+Multilayer veneer board;

①Round model: The outer body plate is galvanized sheet, and the two ends are FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic) fiber reinforced plastic.

②Square mdel: The outer panel of the body is galvanized sheet.

③Air-atream model: The outer panel of the body is mirror stainless steel (can be changed to aluminum or general stainless steel).

④Other model: such as Citroen, Volkswagen (can be lifted or folded), the outer plate is a cold plate.

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