Commercial ice cube making big ice machine 2400P 1200P

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Shanghai Jingyao ice making machine is a professional ice making equipment that can produce different types of ice, including cube ice, crescent ice, crushed ice, block ice, etc.

At the same time, the operation of the equipment is simple and convenient, and it has automatic control and safety protection functions. Whether it is for commercial establishments or home use, Shanghai Jingyao ice machines can meet various ice needs and provide users with a convenient and comfortable use experience.

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Commercial ice cube making big ice machine 2400P 1200P

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Ice cube machine also known as square ice machine,ice crystal clear,beautiful and generous,automatic production,users can only connect water and electricity to be used,efficient,energy saving,clean and sanitary.Cube ice has the best melting resistance,suitable for beverage preparation,decoration,food ice storage and preservation,etc.
1. Cube ice is transparent:Crystal,hard,regular,beautiful,storable,sanitary,and completely meet the each national standard requirements for edible ice.
2. Safe and sanitary: It adopts food-grade stainless steel 304 material for the whole machine,special design water channel and ice discharge outlet,covenient qutomatic cleann function, so that the ice is to be sanitary,crystal and transparent,meet QS inspection requirement.
3. Lower power consumption.
4. Automatic operation.




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Q:What’s my consideration when I choose this machine?
A:-The type of ice you want.

-The cooling type.
-The power supply,voltage,power and capacity.

Q:Can I be a distributor of Jingyao?
Of course you can. please contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry,

Q:What are the benefits of being a jingyao distributor?
A: – Special discount .
- Marketing protection.
- Priority of launching new design.
- Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How about warranty?
We have one year warranty after you get the items,
if there is any quality problem come out within one year warranty,
we will send necessary parts for replacement for free, replacement instructions should be provided;
so you don’t worry anything.












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