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Shanghai Jingyao automatic ice maker with water dispenser is usually a multi-functional device that combines the functions of a water dispenser and an ice maker.

It can provide users with cold water, hot water and ice making services. Such devices are often ideal for use in offices, homes, and commercial locations as they provide a convenient way to obtain drinking water as well as ice-making services.

This type of equipment usually has a water cooling system that can make ice quickly and can create ice cubes of different sizes and shapes according to the needs of the user. Some models may also come with a self-cleaning feature to ensure the ice maker remains hygienic.

Since automatic ice machines with water dispensers combine multiple functions, they can provide refreshing drinking water while also meeting users’ cold drinks and other refrigeration needs, making them very convenient and practical.

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Automatic ice makers with dispensers are a game changer in ice making. Gone are the days of manually filling and pouring ice trays or struggling to scoop ice from a traditional ice machine. With this innovative machine, you just connect it to your water supply and it does all the work for you. The continuous production of ice means that no matter how many drinks you serve, you'll never run out.

Not only does the automatic ice maker make ice easily, but it also comes with a built-in dispenser. This feature allows you to access ice cubes conveniently without causing any mess or hassle. Just press a button and the right amount of ice is dispensed directly into your glass. Say goodbye to the days of ice cubes flying across the kitchen or struggling to fill a pitcher with ice.

The automatic ice maker and dispenser combination is a match made in heaven for parties and get-togethers. You can focus on entertaining your guests and enjoying their company rather than constantly satisfying their ice needs. No more refilling the ice tray or searching for a spoon in the middle of a conversation. Your guests will be impressed by your seamless and efficient ice making process.

Model Capacity(kg/24hours) Ice storage bin(kg) Dimensions(cm)
JYC-40AP 40 12 40x69x76+4
JYC-60AP 60 12 40x69x76+4
JYC-80AP 80 30 44x80x91+12
JYC-100AP 100 30 44x80x91+12
JYC-120AP 120 40 44x80x130+12
JYC-150AP 150 40 44x80x130+12

The automatic ice machine with dispenser could be customized with logo, such as stickers or Led lights. It could also add other functions, such as dispensing water.

Make sure you've always got plenty of fresh ice on hand and easily accessible with automatic cube ice machine with dispenser! You'll always have plenty of ice to serve on demand at your hotel, bar, or cafe. An included ice dispenser has a deep sink to accommodate hotel ice buckets of almost any size.

Constructed of durable type stainless steel with a polyethylene interior, this unit is built to last in the busiest commercial environments. A nickel plated evaporator make for quick and simple cleaning and maintenance. With 4 units of adjustable legs, you can level your machine on uneven surfaces and have plenty of room to clean under it. Designed for side-breathing and rear exhaust, you can avoid hot air being blown outward into your kitchen or service area.

Advantages of automatic ice machine with dispenser

1.Safety. One of the biggest benefits of automatic cube ice machine with dispenser is safety. These units don’t require the user to scoop the ice out of a bin and dispense it into glassware, which drastically decreases the chance of accidental contamination from hand contact.

2.Convenience. Another large benefit is convenience. Restaurant and bar patrons, who are not allowed to scoop ice into their glassware, can retrieve as much ice as they want, as many times as they wish. Many customers often prefer to serve themselves rather than bother a staff person to get ice for them.

3.Saving space. Many of these machines are small enough to install on a counter top. Counter top ice makers give small business owners the freedom to install an ice machine in areas with limited space. Even if there is not enough counter top space, you can always install these units on a specialty stand.

4.Customization. Finally, these commercial automatic ice machine with dispensers could be an all-in-one hydrating appliance. Customers can grab water whenever they’re thirsty and keep it cool with ice without having to move from station to station.

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