Customized personalized mobile food cart

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The standard outside material of Airstream food truck is mirror stainless steel

If you don’t like it so shining,we could make it aluminum or paint it with other colors.

Shanghai Jingyao Industrial Co.,Ltd. , is a leading company in the production and marketing of food carts, food trailers and food vans,located in Shanghai,China.We have professional design, production and testing teams to ensure high quality products in line with customer requirements.Hot dog carts,coffee carts,snack carts,hamburg truck,ice cream truck and so on,no matter what you need,we will meet your demands.

1. Low-cost and environmental, no smoke no noise, easy to move to any place.

2. It can be used for many years and will not build rubbish, which is much suitable for modern life.

3. It’s convenient and simple for load and transport because the design is unique and individual.

4. The material is stainless steel, and the flat form (table) will not get rust forever.

5. It is shock and difficult to corrosion, high heat resistance & high strength, high color fastness.

6. The size, color, internal layout can be design as you like

The Size and Color are not be fixed, which can be customized according to your requirements. The outside also can be customized to Stainless Steel.

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Main Features

With the changes in fast-paced life and people's pursuit of delicious food, mobile food trucks have gradually become a beautiful scenery in the city. Customizing a personalized mobile food cart can not only satisfy people's appetites, but also convey unique food culture and creative concepts.

1. Unique appearance design
Personalized mobile food carts usually attract people’s attention through their unique appearance design. In terms of appearance, creative elements can be incorporated, such as bright color combinations, unique shapes and designs, and even lighting effects. This personalized appearance design can highlight the characteristics of the food cart, make it memorable at a glance and attract more customers.

2. Diverse food choices
Personalized mobile food trucks provide a variety of food choices to meet the tastes and needs of different groups of people. Different types of snacks and delicacies can be customized according to customer preferences and market demand, such as traditional pastries, barbecue, burgers, pizza, Mexican style, etc. Such diverse choices enable customers to enjoy a variety of cuisines in one place, satisfying their desire to explore and taste food.

3. Interactive meal shopping experience
Personalized mobile food carts create an interactive meal shopping experience that stands in stark contrast to traditional restaurants. In the environment surrounding the food truck, customers can witness the preparation process of their food and communicate with the chef in real time. This close interaction not only brings customers closer to the food truck, but also gives customers the opportunity to learn more about the stories behind the dishes.

Internal Configurations

1. Working benches:

Customized size, the width, depth and height of counter is available to adjust to your need.

2. Flooring:

Non-slip flooring(aluminum)with drain, easy to clean up.

3. Water sinks:

Can be single, double and three water sinks for suiting different requirement or regulation.

4. Electric faucet:

Standard Instant faucet for hot water; 220V EU standard or USA standard 110V water heater

5. Internal space

2 ~ 4 meters suit for 2-3 person; 5 ~ 6 meters suit for 4 ~ 6 person; 7 ~ 8 meters suit for 6 ~ 8 person.

6. Control switch:

Single-phase and three-phase electricity are avaiable, as requirements.

7. Sockets:

Can be British sockets, European sockets, America sockets and Universal sockets.

8. Floor drain:

Inside the food truck, the floor drain is located near the sink to facilitate the drainage of water.

Model BT400 BT450 BT500 BT580 BT700 BT800 BT900 Customized
Length 400cm 450cm 500cm 580cm 700cm 800cm 900cm customized
13.1ft 14.8ft 16.4ft 19ft 23ft 26.2ft 29.5ft customized




235cm or customized

7.7ft or customized

Weight 1200kg 1300kg 1400kg 1480kg 1700kg 1800kg 1900kg customized

Notice: Shorter than 700cm(23ft),we use 2 axles, longer than 700cm(23ft)we use 3 axles.

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