Factory bakery bread dough sprial mixer (large capacity) mixer

Short Description:

Dough mixers are used in bakeries to stir dough ingredients together. Mixing arms stir ingredients in a bowl or trough to produce dough of even consistency.

  • Power supply: 380V/ 220V
  • Bowl capacity: 20L-300L
  • Material: Food grade stainless steel
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    1. High & low speed

    2. Automatic timer

    3. Equipped with bowl safety transparent guard

    4. Ideal for all kind of dough

    5. Easy to operate and clean
    6. Requires practically no maintenance

    7. Motor overload protection

    8. Independent motors for bowl and spiral

    9. Stainless steel 304 arm, bowl and dividing plate

    10. Ideal mixing process for programmable time sequence, manual intervention possible at any time

    11.High torque, dual stage belt drive,Front and rear levelers Automatic over-current protection



    And food contact metal, are made of high-grade stainless steel  materials, three speed  change gear, hard gear drive,


    durable, high efficiency, low failure rate. The motor overload  protection switch , safe and rel able, high-end motor,


    stable performance, low noise, simplify  operation, mixing cakes delicate, soft, high taste, suitable for mixing cake,


    cream, stuffing  and so on .