40L 60L 80L 120L bread dough mixer commercial dough mixer bakery equipment

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Dough mixers can save a significant amount of time and effort, especially when working with large batches of dough.

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Industrial bread dough mixer commercial dough mixer bakery equipment


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1. With the panel, the rotating barrel and the stirring hook are respectively provided with two different speeds of fast and slow speed, and both can realize the forward and reverse arbitrary conversion.

2. The spiral stirring hook has a big outer diameter and a high stirring speed. When the dough is stirred, the dough tissue is not cut, which can help minimize the rise range of the temperature and increase water absorption so that the dough is fine in quality and the elasticity is increased.

3. The belts and bearings are imported from international, highly durable.

4. High water absorption, up to 90%, fast rotational speed.

5. Equipped with safety guard, the mixer will be powered off automatically when open the safety guard.

6. Imported components, low noise, more durable.


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