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The automatic PLC controlled candy vacuum micro-film cooking continuous depositing and forming production line is current y the most advanced hard candy production equipment in China. It can produce single-color, double-taste double-color flower, double- taste double-color double-layer, three-taste three-color flower candies, crystal candies, filled candies, stripe candies, scotch, etc.

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Small Hard Candy Making Machine Production Line is composed of sugar pot, candy cooking machine, cooling tunnel, candy batch roller, candy rope sizer, candy forming machine, candy cooling tunnel, etc. Simple operation, convenient cleaning, high output and high efficiency. It is an ideal hard candy production line with or without filling.

1.Good equipment stability, no sugar residue

2.Compared with fully automatic stamping line, the investment cost is low

3.High-end quality, comparable to similar equipment in Europe

4.High-speed pouring, rapid cooling, and efficient demoulding system provide customers with perfect products

5.Mature processing technology, convenient replacement of spare parts, perfect after-sales service system

6.The production line can be customized to perfectly suit your operation.

7.The syrup flow rate is precisely controlled by the frequency conversion control system to ensure stability.

Production capacity 150kg/h 300kg/h 450kg/h 600kg/h
Pouring Weight 2-15g/piece
Total power 12KW / 380V  Customized 18KW / 380V  Customized 20KW / 380V  Customized 25KW / 380V  Customized
Environmental requirements Temperature 20-25℃
Humidity 55%
Pouring speed 40-55 times/min
Length of production line 16-18m 18-20m 18-22m 18-24m

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