High Quality Pectin Jelly Candy Depositing Machine

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The pectin fondant depositor is specially designed for the continuous production of various forms of pectin or gelatin fondant. Whether you prefer traditional shaped QQ candies or innovatively designed ones, this machine can meet all your needs. It offers variety in candy shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, allowing you to create a variety of delicious treats.

With advanced technology, this jelly candy production line offers the highest precision and efficiency. Depositing system ensures accurate and consistent placement of jelly mix into candy molds. This ensures consistency in shape and size, resulting in visually appealing confectionery that is sure to please consumers.

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Why choose us

● Diversified solutions, we will provide customers with diversified and personalized solutions based on customer needs, project conditions, and different regions.

● Possess core technology, independently develops and manufactures candy production lines, supplying world-renowned candy brands and Chinese local candy brands.

● We have a professional installation and maintenance team. When customers need help, they can go to the scene to solve various candy production machine problems.

What are the benefits of  Pectin Jelly Candy Depositing Machine

● Production of high quality Jelly Candy

Without a doubt, the biggest reason to buy a Jelly Candy Making Machine is to make the best and most ideal Toffee we can.

● Increase output

Jelly Candy Making Machine increases your output by maximizing your output.

Short machine downtime benefits the production process.

This increases your sales, which in turn increases profits. 

● Save cost and time

Toffee lines are usually fully automatic.

More labor cost and time cost can be saved.

● Easy to clean and maintain

The Jelly Candy Making Machine and sugar making equipment produced by Jingyao Machinery are made of high quality materials, carefully designed and researched for a long time.

Simple maintenance and easy cleaning.

● Easy to use

Most of our Jelly Candy Making Machines are fully automatic production controlled by computer to minimize the consumption of human resources.

And easy to use, requiring less training to operate.

● Multifunctional process

Hard candy production equipment and hard candy production lines produced by Jingyao can produce many types and styles of hard candy.

Production capacity 150kg/h 300kg/h 450kg/h 600kg/h
Pouring Weight 2-15g/piece
Total power 12KW / 380V  Customized 18KW / 380V  Customized 20KW / 380V  Customized 25KW / 380V  Customized
Environmental requirements Temperature




Pouring speed

30-45 times/min

Length of production line 16-18m 18-20m 18-22m 18-24m

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