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There are different capacity of the deck oven in our factory,heating by gas or electric for your has the advantage of high power, features fast heat up and safe protection for temperature exceeding,to make the breads, muffins, cake, cookies, pita, dessert, pastry and so on.

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Whether you're opening a new pizzeria or expanding an existing one, finding the right oven is critical to delivering the perfect pizza every time. 

First, you need to determine the type of commercial pizza oven that best suits your needs. There are various options such as deck ovens, convection ovens, conveyor ovens and wood fired ovens. Each type has unique advantages.

Next, consider the size and capacity of your oven. If you anticipate high demand or plan to serve pizza at a buffet or event, a larger oven with multiple decks or higher conveyor speeds may be suitable. Conversely, smaller businesses may benefit from a compact oven that optimizes space utilization. Also, don't forget to consider your kitchen's ventilation requirements and available power.

Temperature control is another important aspect that requires attention. Different pizza styles require different temperatures to achieve the desired results. For example, Neapolitan-style pizza often requires the blazing heat of a wood-fired oven, while New York-style pies are best cooked in a lower-temperature deck oven. Make sure the oven you choose offers the precise temperature control to meet your culinary dreams.

In addition to these considerations, quality and durability cannot be overlooked. Commercial pizza ovens are subject to heavy use, so choosing a reliable and sturdy model is crucial. Look for ovens made of high-quality materials like stainless steel to ensure longevity.

In conclusion, choosing the best commercial pizza oven is critical for any restaurant that strives to deliver consistently high-quality pizza. By considering factors such as oven type, size and capacity, temperature control, durability, and budget, you'll be well placed to deliver delicious pizza that will keep customers coming back for more. So unleash its delicious potential and up your pizza game with the perfect commercial pizza oven.


Model.No. Heating type Tray size Capacity Power supply
JY-1-2D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 1 deck 2 trays  380V/50Hz/3P


Can be customized.


Other models please contact us for more details.

JY-2-4D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 2 deck 4 trays
JY-3-3D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 3 deck 3 trays
JY-3-6D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 3 deck 6 trays
JY-3-12D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 3 deck 12 trays
JY-3-15D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 3 deck 15 trays
JY-4-8D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 4 deck 8 trays
JY-4-12D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 4 deck 12 trays
JY-4-20D/R Electric/gas 40*60cm 4 deck 20 trays

Production Descprition

1.Intelligent digital time control.

2.Dual temperature control max 400℃,perfect baking performance.

3.Explosion-proof light bulb.

4.Perspective glass window,anti-scalding handle

this moveable deck oven will allow you to offer large amount deliciously fresh pizza or other freshly baked foods at your bakery, bar,or restaurant!

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