New design Dough fermentation machine dough bread fermentation dough proofer for sale

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The dough proofer is made according to the principle and requirements of bread fermentation and design of electric heating products, it is using electric heat pipe through the temperature control circuit to heat the water tray in the box, so that the relative humidity of 80~85%, the temperature of 35℃~40℃.It is the most suitable for fermentation environment, help modeling is convenient, safe and reliable, etc. It is the necessary equipment to improve the quality of bread production.

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New design Dough fermentation machine dough bread fermentation dough proofer for sale

1.The hot air circulation technology in the box makes the temperature and humidity environment in the box more uniform and the adjustment of temperature and humidity more precise.

2. Humanized push-pull door,easy switch,glass window,instant control of fermentation status.

3. All stainless steel frame design,clean,durable,never rust.

4. Super capacity with the rack trolley,high efficiency.

5. Classic manual twist control,more convenient.


Commodity name Tray type dough prover Rack type dough prover
Model.No. JY-DP16T JY-DP32T JY-DP32R JY-DP64R
Loading quantity 16 trays 32 trays 1 oven rack(32 trays or 16 trays) 2 oven rack(68 trays or 34 trays)
Tray size 40*60cm 40x60cm or 80x60cm
Temperature range Room temperature - 40℃ Room temperature - 50℃
Humidity Adjustable
Power supply 220V-50Hz-1Phase/can be customized
TIPS.:We also have the Freezer dough prover,please contact us for more details!!

Product descroption

1.France Tecumseh compressor in a stable known,cooling speed,long life;original import unit,no dew High quality energy efficient.

2.The shelf can be adjusted, and the shelf can be removed and adjusted to adapt to the fermentation needs of different dough.

3.From the transparent glass, you can observe the LED lighting inside, you can observe the fermentation effect of the dough at any time. (Use high quality double glazing).

4.High-end workmanship, laser cutting technology, high-quality stainless steel without burrs, solid body. The four legs of the fuselage are equipped with high-quality universal brakes and can be fixed at any time.

5.Delicate and beautiful panel design, automatic setting of cold storage time and start waking time, save labor costs, accurate to 1C fermentation parameter setting, with digital direct reading display setting of dry and humidity values, intuitive feeling of box parameters, more fault alarm function, the operation is more intelligent and simple, safe.

6.Micro-computer touch panel to control the temperature and humidity.


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