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 A planetary mixer is an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen or bakery. This versatile machine is designed to mix, whip and blend a variety of ingredients, making it ideal for everything from baking bread and pastries to making soups, sauces and marinades.

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Industrial Pizza Dough Bakery 20L 50L 80L 160L 260L Flour Mixer Machine Spiral Mixer Bread Dough Mixer

1. With the panel, the rotating barrel and the stirring hook are respectively provided with two different speeds of fast and slow speed, and both can realize the forward and reverse arbitrary conversion.

2. The spiral stirring hook has a big outer diameter and a high stirring speed. When the dough is stirred, the dough tissue is not cut, which can help minimize the rise range of the temperature and increase water absorption so that the dough is fine in quality and the elasticity is increased.

3. The belts and bearings are imported from international, highly durable.

4. High water absorption, up to 90%, fast rotational speed.

5. Equipped with safety guard, the mixer will be powered off automatically when open the safety guard.

6. Imported components, low noise, more durable.


Model.No. JY-SM40 JY-SM60 JY-SM80 JY-SM120 JY-SM240 JY-SM300L
Mixing speed 101/200r/m 101/200r/m 125/250r/m 125/250r/m 110/210r/m 110/210r/m
Bowl capacity 40L 60L 80L 120L 248L 300L
Bowl rotation speed 16r/m 16r/m 18r/m 18r/m 14r/m 14r/m
Production capacity 12kgs flour per batch 25kgs flour per batch 35kgs flour per batch 50kgs flour per batch 100kgs flour per batch 125kgs flour per batch
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1P or 380V/50Hz/3P,also can be customized
TIPS.: JY-SM300L is with lifter, automatic discharge. Please contact us for other models.

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1.Dual rotation design for completely mixing efficiency:

①the thicken bowl and hook are specially.

②designed to rotate clockwise simultaneously.

2.Easy operation control panel with constant speed:

①The single speed functions makes the ingredients mixing equably.

3.Security details helpfully assist customers safe operation:

①It keeps users from sticking their hands in the bowl when the mixer is on, improving safety.

4.All stainless steel material with food accessibility standards:

①High stability mixning bowl and strong sturdiness mixing hook

5.Durable belt construction combined with strong power motor:

①Designed to mix large batches of bread dough with ease to make recipes

6.Back cover with heat dissipation processing While long time operating, the machine body won't overheating.

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Planetary mixer

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1.Strong Power Motor

2.The planetary mixer adopts belt drive, the agitator makes planetary movement in the barrel, the gap between the agitator and the barrel is reasonable, the stirring is complete and thorough.

3.Equipped with three kinds of non-directional mixers, which can be used for different whipping requirements such as egg beating, whipping cream filling, and noodles.All food-contact parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, which meets relevant sanitary standards. is widely used in hotels, hotels, bakeries, and can also be used for mixing materials in factories and mines such as pharmaceuticals and chemical raw materials.


The main feature of a planetary mixer is its unique mixing action. Instead of rotating in just one direction like a traditional mixer, the mixing bowl and attachments of a planetary mixer move in multiple directions simultaneously. This ensures thorough and consistent mixing, allowing you to achieve the perfect texture and consistency for your recipes.

One of the main advantages of a planetary mixer is its versatility. With a range of attachments and accessories available, you can use your planetary mixer to perform a variety of kitchen tasks. Whether you need to whip cream, knead dough, or mix ingredients for cake batter, a planetary mixer can handle it with ease. This makes it a must-have tool for any commercial kitchen looking to streamline the food preparation process.

In addition to their versatility, planetary mixers are also known for their durability and reliability. Featuring heavy-duty motors and rugged construction, these machines are designed to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment. This means you can rely on your planetary mixer to work day in and day out, helping you to be more productive and efficient in the kitchen.

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a planetary mixer for your kitchen. The capacity of your mixing bowl is an important consideration, as you'll want to make sure it can accommodate the volume of ingredients you typically use. Additionally, you’ll want to look for a planetary blender with multiple speed settings and a powerful motor to ensure it can handle a variety of tasks.

At XYZ Kitchen Equipment, we offer a range of high-quality planetary mixers designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens and bakeries. Our planetary mixers are designed with durability and performance in mind, ensuring they can meet the demands of busy kitchens. Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, you can find the perfect planetary mixer to suit your kitchen needs.

All in all, a planetary mixer is an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen or bakery. Its versatile mixing action, durability, and reliability make it an invaluable tool for a variety of food preparation tasks. Whether you're whipping cream, kneading dough, or mixing batter, a planetary mixer helps you get perfect results every time. With the right planetary mixer in your kitchen, you can increase productivity and efficiency while ensuring the quality and consistency of your cooking creations.

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