110L capacity plastic ice storage truck for hotels and restaurants

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The skid cover ice car has unique shape, beautiful appearance, convenient use, thick foam insulation layer and excellent thermal insulation performance. Whether in hot summer or damp places, ice can last for days. The unique water trough and filter plate can separate the ice from the water and extend the ice storage time. A reasonable handle is used to make the ice car easy to move and move.

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If you run a hotel restaurant, you probably know the importance of having plenty of ice on hand to serve your guests. After all, what's a refreshing drink without a few cubes of ice to keep you cool? That's where the plastic insulated ice storage trolley with a capacity of 110 liters comes in handy. This versatile and efficient cart is designed to meet your ice storage needs while keeping the ice properly insulated.

This cart's 110 liter capacity ensures you have enough ice to serve your guests, even during the busiest of times. With its generous storage space, you don't have to worry about constantly refilling the ice maker or running out of ice during peak hours. This is especially important in hotel restaurants where ice is in high demand, especially during the summer or during special events.

The plastic insulated construction of this ice storage cart offers several advantages. First, it helps keep the ice warm, preventing it from melting quickly. This is critical to ensuring your guests are served ice that stays at its best for longer. Second, the insulation helps reduce condensation on the outside of the cart, keeping it dry and preventing any potential slip hazards for employees.

Plus, the cart is designed for easy mobility, allowing you to easily transport ice cubes from the storage area to the beverage station. Its sturdy wheels and ergonomic handle make it easy to maneuver even in tight spaces. This saves your staff valuable time and energy, allowing them to focus on serving your guests efficiently.


1. With ice cubes in the ice storage trolley and the refrigeration effect can be maintained for 7 days.

2. Industry-leading structural design ensure the ice caddy moving smoothly, and the embedded sliding cover makes it easy and comfortable in using.

3. Extra thick foam insulation for maximum temperature retention.

4. Molded in handles ease maneuvering.

5. This 110L mobile ice storage trolley is perfect for catering events and restaurants, cafes, as well as indoor and outdoor bars to help limit multiple long trips to the kitchen for ice refills. It can also be used to keep bottled beverages chilled while merchandising or at any catering events.


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