3D lollipop candy sweet candy production line

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The automatic PLC controlled candy vacuum micro-film cooking continuous depositing and forming production line is current y the most advanced hard candy production equipment in China. It can produce single-color, double-taste double-color flower, double- taste double-color double-layer, three-taste three-color flower candies, crystal candies, filled candies, stripe candies, scotch, etc.

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The sanitary structure designed and manufactured meets GMP requirements.

PLC / programmable process control available for candy vacuum cooking temperature and time, depositing temperature and depositing speed.

LED touch screen displays process flow and realizes easy operation.

Rationed filling and mixing of essence ,pigment and acid solution can be completed on line.

The conveying chain, cooling system and double de-molding device guarantee the de-molding of candy.

Different shaped candies can be made via change-over of the molds.

Optional choice of extra chocolate paste injection system for making chocolate-center filled candies.

Production capacity 150kg/h 300kg/h 450kg/h 600kg/h
Pouring Weight 2-15g/piece
Total power 12KW / 380V  Customized 18KW / 380V  Customized 20KW / 380V  Customized 25KW / 380V  Customized
Environmental requirements Temperature 20-25℃
Humidity 55%
Pouring speed 40-55 times/min
Length of production line 16-18m 18-20m 18-22m 18-24m

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