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Shanghai Jingyao Industrial Co., Ltd. is located at Shanghai, China. Specialized in manufacturing Candy making equipment. We have our own R&D department and professional manufacturing base.

Our enterprise is a professional manufacturer of Candy making equipment with a history of more than thirty years specialized in producing machinery and equipment for such (semi)automatic hard/soft candy production line ect.

We have won our reputation with our strict quality guarantee system,powerful technical strength,scientific operation means and excellent after-sales services.

Main products of food machinery:Control Candy Depositing Machine, Sugar cooking pot,Candy Cooling Tunnel etc.

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Shanghai Jingyao Soft Candy and Hard Candy Production Line is a set of professional candy production equipment designed to meet the production needs of candy manufacturing companies. This production line integrates multiple key links, including syrup boiling, candy molding, candy packaging, etc., and can complete the entire production process from raw materials to finished products.


First of all, the production line is equipped with professional syrup boiling equipment, which can accurately control the temperature and stir the syrup to ensure the quality and stability of the syrup. At the same time, the equipment can also adjust the cooking parameters according to different types of soft candies or hard candies to meet the requirements of different candies.

Secondly, the production line also includes candy molding equipment, which uses advanced molding technology and mold design to produce soft and hard candies of various shapes and sizes. The molding equipment is easy to operate and can freely switch between different molds as needed to achieve diversified product effects.


The production line also includes candy packaging equipment, which enables automated candy packaging processes. Packaging equipment performs candy packaging, sealing, counting and other operations according to product requirements to improve packaging efficiency and product quality.

Shanghai Jingyao soft and hard candy production line also has an intelligent control system. Through the touch screen operation interface, operators can easily set and adjust production parameters to achieve automated control and monitoring of the production process. This not only improves productivity but also reduces the occurrence of human errors.

cooling tunnel

All in all, the Shanghai Jingyao soft and hard candy production line provides a complete production solution for candy manufacturers by integrating syrup boiling, candy molding and candy packaging. The equipment features of high efficiency, stability and intelligence make it the first choice for many enterprises to realize candy production.


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