100kg/h-150kg/h Full automatic soft sweet gummy bear candies pouring production line

Short Description:

The automatic PLC controlled Servo candy vacuum micro-film cooking continuous depositing and forming production line is currently the most advanced hard candy production equipment. It can produce flat lollipop,3D lollipop,single-color,double-taste double-color flower,double-taste double-color,double-layer,three-taste three-color flower candies,crystal candies,filled candies,stripe candies,scotch,etc.




  • Raw material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 100-600kg/h
  • Power Source: 220V /380V
  • Pouring speed: 15-30 n/min
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    1.It is an advanced equipment which can produce various kinds of lollipop under a strict sanitary condition.

    2. The whole production line adopts electrical integration and steam control, characterized by easy operation, perfect utilization of sugar.

    3. Continuously vacuum cooker to guarantee the quality of sugar masses;

    4. Production capacity can be from 100kg/h to 600kg/h;

    5. Different candy shape can be made depend upon changing of the mould.