Manual Dough Divider Machine Bread Making Machine For Small Businesses Commercial Dough Divider

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This is dough divider. We have three types, manual, electric and hydraulic. It could divide dough equally.


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Manual Dough Divider Machine Bread Making Machine For Small Businesses Commercial Dough Divider

The dough dividing machine produced by Shanghai Jingyao is a professional bread production equipment used to divide large pieces of dough into equal amounts of small pieces. This equipment uses advanced technology and efficient design to quickly and accurately divide dough and improve the efficiency of bread production.



The dough dividing machine usually consists of a body, a hopper, a feeding device and a dividing device. The operation is simple and convenient. You only need to put the dough into the hopper, set the size and quantity to be divided, and then start the equipment to automatically complete the dough dividing process. During the dividing process, the dough will not stick, deform or be damaged, maintaining the quality and consistency of the dough.

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Dough divider has the following advantages:

 1.Improve production efficiency: The dough divider can quickly and accurately divide large pieces of dough into small pieces, greatly improving production efficiency.

 2.Uniform portioning: The dough portioning machine ensures that the size and weight of each dough are consistent through precise mechanical operation, thereby ensuring the consistency of product quality and taste.

 3.Save labor costs: The dough divider can replace the traditional manual work of dividing dough, reducing manual operation time and labor costs.

 4.Environmental hygiene: Dough dividing machines are generally made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and ensures the hygiene and food safety of the production process.

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Whether it is a small or medium-sized bakery or a large pastry manufacturer, a dough divider is an essential piece of equipment. It can ensure the efficiency, consistency and hygiene of the production process, providing a reliable foundation for producing high-quality pastry products.

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