Commercial big ice cube automation making machine 636kg 908kg 1088kg

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Shanghai Jingyao ice machine is an advanced ice-making equipment that can quickly produce high-quality ice cubes.

This ice machine uses advanced refrigeration technology and an efficient ice making system to produce a large amount of ice cubes in a short time. It has a variety of ice making modes, including cube ice, crescent ice, crushed ice, block ice, etc. Users can choose different ice cube shapes according to their needs.

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Using a self-contained, air-cooled condenser, the jingyao ice maker with bin makes as much as 1088 kgs of ice daily; if conditions aren't ideal, it produces 990 kgs per day. It cools with R410a refrigerant and creates cube-style ice that works well in soft drinks or frozen beverages. This unit has a DuraTech™ exterior that resists corrosion and prevents smudges, and the foodzone is protected by AlphaSan® antimicrobial to slow the growth of germs.

The Shanghai Jingyao Industrial full-cube ice maker with bin has an easyTouch® display screen that enables staff to adjust the settings using icons. Ice production is programmable to reduce energy use, and ice is harvested using an acoustic ice-sensing probe. For later use, the bin holds 365 pounds of ice and comes with a 5.3-pound-capacity scoop to facilitate retrieval. To keep users' hands out of ice in the bin, the scoop comes with a knuckle and thumb guard.

Model No. Daily capacity (kgs/24hours) Ice storage bin capacity (kgs) Input power (Watt) Standard power supply Overall size (LxWxH mm) Available cube ice size (LxWxH mm)
Integrated Type (Built-in ice storage bin, standard cooling type is air cooling, water cooling is optional)
JYC-90P 40 15 380 220V-1P-50Hz 430x520x800 22x22x22
JYC-120P 54 25 400 220V-1P-50Hz 530x600x820 22x22x22
JYC-140P 63 25 420 220V-1P-50Hz 530x600x820 22x22x22
JYC-180P 82 45 600 220V-1P-50Hz 680x690x1050 22x22x22/22x11x22
JYC-220P 100 45 600 220V-1P-50Hz 680x690x1050 22x22x22/22x11x22
JYC-280P 127 45 650 220V-1P-50Hz 680x690x1050 22x22x22/22x11x22
Combined Type (Ice maker part and ice storage bin part were separated, standard cooling type is water cooling, air cooling is optional)
JYC-350P 159 150 800 220V-1P-50Hz 560x830x1550 22x22x22/22x11x22
JYC-400P 181 150 850 220V-1P-50Hz 560x830x1550 22x22x22/22x11x22
JYC-500P 227 250 1180 220V-1P-50Hz 760x830x1670 22x22x22/22x11x22
JYC-700P 318 250 1350 220V-1P-50Hz 760x830x1740 22x22x22/29x29x22/22x11x22
JYC-1000P 454 250 1860 220V-1P-50Hz 760x830x1800 22x22x22/29x29x22/40x40x22
JYC-1200P 544 250 2000 220V-1P-50Hz 760x830x1900 22x22x22
JYC-1400P 636 450 2800 380V-3P-50Hz 1230x930x1910 22x22x22/29x29x22/22x11x22
JYC-2000P 908 450 3680 380V-3P-50Hz 1230x930x1940 22x22x22/29x29x22/40x40x22
JYC-2400P 1088 450 4500 380V-3P-50Hz 1230x930x2040 22x22x22

PS. The voltage of ice machine could be customized, such as 110V-1P-60Hz.
Please feel free to contact us if you need larger capacity of ice machine, such as 2/5/10 tons ice machine etc.

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1. Large size cube ice

2. Slow melting rate cube ice

3. Providing maximum cooling

4. Reducing ice consumption

5. Saving costs

6. Suit for ice bagging and dispensing

7. Widely use

8. Imported parts

Working Principle

Cube ice machines freeze water in batches. Those with vertical evaporators have a water dispensing tube at the top that creates a waterfall effect. As the water flows into and out of each cell in the evaporator more is frozen until the cells fill with completely frozen ice.Once the ice is ready to drop, the ice machine goes into a harvest cycle. The harvest cycle is a hot gas defrost, which sends hot gas from the compressor to the evaporator. A hot gas cycle defrosts the evaporator just enough to release the cubes into the ice storage bin (or ice dispenser) below.

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